Building a relationship with a recruiter

As a Cambodian professional how can you benefit from having a strong relationship with an experienced recruitment consultant?
As the country grows and modernises so do the careers of its professionals; here at Top Recruitment Cambodia we are in regular contact with most of the senior talent in the country. Our consultants spend their time talking to managers and senior staff across all industries and functions, usually to discuss new opportunities with them. So how can having regular contact with one of our recruiters benefit your career?…[Read More]

Why use a recruitment agency?

Why should you use a recruitment agency when it seems like there are so many cheaper alternatives which work just as well?
When you first look at it, placing a free job ad online, particularly on social media makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t cost you any money, you see every person that applies, you get to make your own shortlist and then interview all the applicants people who seem good on paper…[Read More]