Career advice

Career Advice

The best way to stay competitive in the job market is to make your mark.  You need to stand out from the crowd and show potential employers you have what it takes unlike anyone else.  Take into consideration your qualities both inside and outside of the workplace.  You may be a brilliant organizer at home but have not considered working in a position that takes advantage of these skills.  Likewise, you may have leadership qualities but have lacked the confidence to consider positions where you need to challenge yourself in the workplace

Developing self-confidence will help drive advancement in your career.  Becoming more aware of your skills and qualities and how you can apply them in the workplace will help guide you in your career path.  For example, are you good at writing?  Do you work well in a team environment?  Are you efficient and well organized?  Are you self-motivated and self-driven?

Another key factor to consider is why do you want a particular position?  Be clear about this in your own mind.  To stand out, you need to demonstrate that it is more than just wanting the salary.  For example, will the position satisfy a need to help others, or use your existing mathematical or information technology skills?  Will it provide an opportunity to work with a dynamic group of people?

You may find in your career journey that things don’t go exactly the way you planned them.  It’s important to take into consideration opportunities presented to you.   Something that may not be your idea of perfect job initially may actually help you develop new skills and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.

Be realistic about your skills (think broadly) and highlight them in your CV.  Be sure to specifically mention how these skills can assist your employer.  Pay careful attention to any selection criteria and consider seeking assistance if necessary to help address the criteria accurately.

CV and Cover Letter

Often the first impression you make on the recruiting team is through your CV. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in job hunting is submitting a CV or Cover Letter that is difficult to understand or contains errors.

Proofread several times and request a second opinion before submitting your CV. Check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, information that is out of synchronization, and ensure correct contact details.

With a cover letter take great care not to copy and paste from previous letters without doing a thorough check to make sure the information is accurate and relevant.

Include achievements and examples under each position listed in your CV. This will give the employer a good insight into your capabilities and fit within their team

Here are some more tips to help get your talent noticed:

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