About Us

Executive Search Recruitment Since 2007

Top Recruitment Cambodia is Cambodia’s leading professional recruitment company specializing in placing quality permanent and outsourced staff with the best international and locally owned companies.

We specialise in sourcing managerial technical and professional talent – both local and foreign. We carry out executive search using a timely and effective process to give our clients the senior talent they need. Over the years we have worked with numerous inbound investors and start-ups to establish the teams they need to develop and grow their business. We have access to a large pool of talent – even in the areas where the market is very restricted.

We take the hard work out of recruitment and job seeking by facilitating a perfect match, bridging the gap between an ideal candidate and an ideal position. With broad knowledge of the Cambodian market, we can guarantee you a desirable outcome and an ongoing relationship based on honesty and trust.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the job market in Cambodia and beyond. We understand the unique needs of the region and work only with employers and job seekers of the highest integrity.

As a value-added service we provide our client with salary and benefits benchmarking and we offer unique insight into the ‘hot’ sectors and functions.


Why Choose Us?

We provide quality services. We believe in building strong relationships with all our clients. Our helpful team understands that recruiting staff or seeking employment can be stressful and we pride ourselves on making the process easy and problem free. You’ll feel confident with our personal touch.

We are experts in the Cambodia market. We have extensive knowledge of relevant local laws and regulations. . Our staff are passionate about what they do and are all specialists in key industries. The team actively participates in ongoing training and coaching to ensure that quality service is delivered consistently.

Our candidates are of the highest calibre. How do we know? Because we use several steps to thoroughly screen each potential future employee. If they don’t meet our standards, they will not be recommended. We know you’ll be impressed with our selected candidates.

Job seekers using our services can have confidence that they will only be matched with legally compliant businesses.  We take our time to build solid relationships and we pride ourselves on our integrity and extensive knowledge of labour and taxation laws, giving us the edge over our competition.   We’ll assist you with job seeking tips and help you feel confident when planning for your interview.


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