Future-Proof Your Career

Are you worried about your career becoming obsolete in a fast-changing job market?
Don’t stress about it! Future-proofing your career is easier than you think. Here are three fields that are expected to continue growing in demand and will likely provide job opportunities for years to come…[Read More]

How do you know when it’s time to leave your job?

Everyone’s situation is different, but there are a few signs in any workplace that tell you that it is probably time for a change.
You have no room to grow – Your job no longer looks like a stepping-stone to greater success and you can’t see a way to move up in the organisation. You have tried to find opportunities to show your value and be rewarded for hard work, but they’re just not there…[Read More]

Transferable Skills

A transferable skill is an ability or expertise that you can take from job to job. There are many transferable skills but here we focus on four which are key to developing your career, they are: communication, problem solving, teamwork and flexibility.
Transferable skills are important simply for that reason; they are not linked to any one particular job or industry and so they can help you when you want to move from one job to another or one industry to another…[Read More]

Building a relationship with a recruiter

As a Cambodian professional how can you benefit from having a strong relationship with an experienced recruitment consultant?
As the country grows and modernises so do the careers of its professionals; here at Top Recruitment Cambodia we are in regular contact with most of the senior talent in the country. Our consultants spend their time talking to managers and senior staff across all industries and functions, usually to discuss new opportunities with them. So how can having regular contact with one of our recruiters benefit your career?…[Read More]

How to deal with the salary question

If you have used a recruitment agency or applied to a job on-line then you should have a clear idea of what the job you are interviewing for is offering as a salary and package. Saying that, many employers do not reveal what they are going to offer – this might be because they haven’t completed a budget for the role or department, they might have some flexibility as they are hiring for multiple positions…[Read More]

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How to talk of your weaknesses

Nobody enjoys talking about their weaknesses or their failures. Thinking about the times that you made mistakes or times that you were just plain wrong can be negative and lead you nowhere. However questions about your weaknesses are often asked in interviews and you should be prepared tackle questions like this…[Read More]

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How to talk about your achievements

Many people are naturally cautious and careful about talking about how great they are. In an interview situation however it is your job to ‘blow your own trumpet’. The interviewer is likely to ask a question like:
“Tell me about your major achievements at XYZ Company.”
“What was your greatest success in Company ABC?”
You must be fully prepared to answer this question…[Read More]