Building a relationship with a recruiter

Building a relationship with a recruiter is the way to grow your career

As a Cambodian professional how can you benefit from having a strong relationship with an experienced recruitment consultant?

As the country grows and modernises so do the careers of its professionals; here at Top Recruitment Cambodia we are in regular contact with most of the senior talent in the country. Our consultants spend their time talking to managers and senior staff across all industries and functions, usually to discuss new opportunities with them. So how can having regular contact with one of our recruiters benefit your career?

  1. Find the right ‘fit’

Understanding each candidate’s personality and motivations is the best way for a recruitment consultant to match a candidate with a suitable opening; the client and candidate must be the right fit for one another.
Your recruiter builds relationships with clients and therefore can provide you with honest insight into what it’s like to work for a particular organisation.

  1. Stay relevant

    By staying in contact with your recruiter and updating them you keep yourself near the top of their mind. One quick message is all it takes to tell your consultant about a change in your situation, like a new job or a new job title change. By doing this you keep your progress and growth on the recruiter’s mind and they can understand how you may now qualify for roles that you weren’t qualified for earlier in your career.

  2. Access to the best jobs – which are never advertised!

Your recruitment consultant talks to clients every day and is regularly asked to open ‘confidential searches’. This means that the client does not want this open position made public so it will never be advertised, but the client needs candidates to fill the role. Having a good relationship with your recruiter means that you are likely to be contacted if you are a fit for the role.

  1. Confidentiality works two ways!

Not only do you have access to confidential searches, you can also make confidential enquiries and applications through your recruitment consultant. The Cambodia market is small and a lot of Cambodian senior managers and professionals do not want people knowing that they are ‘exploring opportunities’ – much less that they are ‘on the market’. By having a strong relationship with a recruitment consultant at a reputable agency you can explore positions confidentially, apart from you and your consultant nobody will ever know it is you asking about the position.

  1. Create future opportunities

    Once your recruiter has successfully placed you in a role, they will keep in touch with you throughout your career so that you know who to turn to if and when you are looking for a new opportunity. They will be a source of market insight; they will also be a source of support and advice on career development. By staying in touch with your recruiter and maintaining a solid relationship with them you help your career grow and develop.

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