Staff Outsourcing

Staff Outsourcing

Our team takes care of all compliance issues like contracts, registration and taxation obligations leaving your time free to get on with business. We offer market insight as a value-added service and our clients regularly call on us for HR support and advice.



Staff Outsourcing is simple, here is the process

  • Firstly, we make an agreement with you which matches your staffing needs.
  • If needed, we also make a recruitment agreement with you and our recruitment team gets to work to find suitable staff for you.
  • Next, a contract is signed directly with the staff you select.
  • Twice monthly your staff are paid directly through our banking or cash payment system.
  • We take care of monthly salary tax returns and National Social Security Fund compliance.
  • We keep you updated on relevant labour laws and ensure our staff contracts are always in compliance.
  • We source staff Health/Accident Insurance cover to your requirements.
  • We handle all HR related issues like leave and overtime month by month.

Basically, our team take the time-consuming and difficult processes out of your hands. Some of the world’s biggest companies use our services to ensure compliance and efficiency for their HR processes in Cambodia.

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