A Recruitment Glossary

This glossary is designed to help Cambodians who are working in Human Resources deal with the common terms used through the recruitment process. If you are an HR Manager, a hiring manager or a business owner, all of us at Top Recruitment Cambodia hope that you find this information useful…[Read More]

Relying only on Job-Ads to hire?

Job ads are a useful channel for much recruitment, particularly for blue-collar or beginner positions, but they are only one of many channels that are available. An ad on a jobs-board can generate large volumes of applicants, which all need screening. A post on LinkedIn will reach potential candidates in your team’s network, although there are now….[Read More]

Get the Winning Edge with Top Consulting

Remaining competitive in the fast-changing Cambodian market is no simple task. After seventeen years supporting businesses and organisations, we decided that it was time to broaden our offering and to draw on our large network of skilled and experienced seniors to offer consultancy services.[Read More]

Future-Proof Your Career

Are you worried about your career becoming obsolete in a fast-changing job market?
Don’t stress about it! Future-proofing your career is easier than you think. Here are three fields that are expected to continue growing in demand and will likely provide job opportunities for years to come…[Read More]

Work Trends – 2023 and Beyond

Cambodia is not immune from global trends. In fact as a fast-developing economy we are often at the cutting edge of trends as the impact of technology is felt quickly in a country with 7% growth and a young population all open to innovation. We can see a few main trends for the future of work:…[Read More]