A Recruitment Glossary

This glossary is designed to help Cambodians who are working in Human Resources deal with the common terms used through the recruitment process. If you are an HR Manager, a hiring manager or a business owner, all of us at Top Recruitment Cambodia hope that you find this information useful…[Read More]

Transferable Skills

A transferable skill is an ability or expertise that you can take from job to job. There are many transferable skills but here we focus on four which are key to developing your career, they are: communication, problem solving, teamwork and flexibility.
Transferable skills are important simply for that reason; they are not linked to any one particular job or industry and so they can help you when you want to move from one job to another or one industry to another…[Read More]

How do you recruit for your start-up?

Are you planning a start-up? Do you have a dream and a plan to run your own business? It might seem a little early to be thinking about company culture – but it isn’t. The time to plan a great workplace full of productive, happy employees is before you make your first hire!…[Read More]

Building a relationship with a recruiter

As a Cambodian professional how can you benefit from having a strong relationship with an experienced recruitment consultant?
As the country grows and modernises so do the careers of its professionals; here at Top Recruitment Cambodia we are in regular contact with most of the senior talent in the country. Our consultants spend their time talking to managers and senior staff across all industries and functions, usually to discuss new opportunities with them. So how can having regular contact with one of our recruiters benefit your career?…[Read More]

Why use a recruitment agency?

Why should you use a recruitment agency when it seems like there are so many cheaper alternatives which work just as well?
When you first look at it, placing a free job ad online, particularly on social media makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t cost you any money, you see every person that applies, you get to make your own shortlist and then interview all the applicants people who seem good on paper…[Read More]

Onboarding and After

This is our final article in the series and in it we discuss the importance of onboarding and how to quickly and easily prepare for the arrival of a new hire. A professional and smooth on-boarding is an essential part of every hiring. A simple checklist is all you need to prepare for every new hire and once the process is in place it is just activated for each starter. There are numerous online checklists an onboarding tools available free so there is no excuse for not having this organised…[Read More]

Managing the Offer Stage

Our articles have taken you – as a business-owner or Human Resources Manager – through the recruitment process from sourcing all the way to final selection. Now we will talk about the final stage of making and managing a job offer.
We say ‘Managing’ rather than ‘Making’ an offer because it is critical that you achieve a successful hiring after all the work and use of resources to get to this point…[Read More]

Interviewing – Part 2

In the first article on interviewing we focused on preparing and starting an interview. In this article we will discuss how to handle the main part of the interview – the body – as well as closing and following up on the interview…[Read More]

The Impact of COVID 19 on the Cambodia Recruitment Market

2020 has been a difficult year for most businesses in the world, even if only because of the lack of predictability that COVID-19 has brought. In many ways Cambodia has not been heavily impacted in terms of lockdowns and closures, although two main sectors of the economy have suffered a great deal, namely the garment/footwear sector and the hospitality/tourism sector…[Read More]

Interviewing – Part 1

This article and the one which follows describe the best ways to prepare and carry out effective interviews
For a lot of the recruitment process everything is very CV-driven but at this stage that changes. Although interviewing seems very different to a CV-based assessment it is essential that recruiters maintain a systematic, criteria-based approach…[Read More]