Job Descriptions and Position Specifications

Here we are going to describe 2 key documents which every Human Resources Department should have, how to use them and why you need them to recruit successfully for any position. When we use the term Job Analysis we are not talking about a major piece of research, we are referring to systematically gathering the job-related information you need to generate two documents: the Job Description (JD) and the Position Specification (PS)…[Read More]

Why does a recruitment agency ask so many questions?

Recruitment consultants need to gather a lot of information before they can open a search for their client. When an employer talks to a recruitment agency the recruiter or recruitment consultant they meet is trying to take what we call a Job Order. This is a set of instructions to perform a piece of recruitment work according to specified requirements…[Read More]

What is Employer Branding?

Every employer has an employer brand and this brand is a key factor important when it comes to recruiting. Employer branding, simply put, means your reputation as an employer. We can say that the retention and performance of employees depends on the quality of leadership, but the employer brand is a feature of the company culture…[Read More]