Relying only on Job-Ads to hire?

Job ads are a useful channel for much recruitment, particularly for blue-collar or beginner positions, but they are only one of many channels that are available. An ad on a jobs-board can generate large volumes of applicants, which all need screening. A post on LinkedIn will reach potential candidates in your team’s network, although there are now….[Read More]

Work Trends – 2023 and Beyond

Cambodia is not immune from global trends. In fact as a fast-developing economy we are often at the cutting edge of trends as the impact of technology is felt quickly in a country with 7% growth and a young population all open to innovation. We can see a few main trends for the future of work:…[Read More]

It’s a hot labour market, so deal with it!

Cambodia has very low unemployment and a variety of skills-shortages, meaning that we live in a hot labour market. Attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market is tough. Skills are in high demand, and qualified candidates can choose between multiple job offers.
To stay competitive, businesses need to be proactive and focus on strategies to attract and retain top talent…[Read More]

In Conversation with Simon Baker: Job Satisfaction

In the second of our ‘In conversation…’ podcasts, Kevin Britten, our Managing Director, and Simon Baker, our Head of Operations, discuss career choices and career changes. They talk about how enjoyment and satisfaction should be major factors when making work and life choices, and how ‘loving what you do’ really does have a big impact on success…[Read More]

In Conversation with Chris McCarthy: HR Issues in the Media/Marketing Sector

Our Managing Director Kevin Britten, and Mango Tango CEO Chris McCarthy discuss the HR challenges of recruiting and retaining staff in the creative sector of Media/Marketing. In this podcast they also consider the mix of acquiring experienced talent versus growing your own talent plus the issues arising from work which is divided between agency side and client side…[Read More]

Staff Outsourcing explained: What is Staff Outsourcing?

Employer of Record (EOR), Professional Employment Organisation (PEO), staff outsourcing… what do these terms mean? How do businesses use these services and why? In this podcast, Kevin Britten, Managing Director of Top Recruitment Cambodia, answers these questions and explains how the modern practice of outsourcing non-core business activities happens in the Cambodian market…[Read More]

Recruitment Agencies: How does a Recruitment Agency Work?

In the recruitment market in Cambodia, there are numerous challenges. Kevin Britten, the Top Recruitment Cambodia’s Managing Director has deep insight on how agency recruitment works in Cambodia. He believes that sticking to a strong process is why his company is Cambodia’s number one recruitment agency for managerial and professional talent…[Read More]