Relying only on Job-Ads to hire?

Relying only on Job-Ads to hire?

What are you missing out on?

Job ads are a useful channel for much recruitment, particularly for blue-collar or beginner positions, but they are only one of many channels that are available. An ad on a jobs board can generate large volumes of applicants, which all need screening. A post on LinkedIn will reach potential candidates in your team’s network, although there are now around 500,000 LinkedIn users in Cambodia posts are not seen by all of them, only by people in the poster’s network.

Relying on job ads as your recruitment strategy can have negative results from overloading your talent acquisition team with meaningless screening to recruiting only from a very narrow pool of candidates.

By engaging an executive search agency you open your recruitment to a much wider pool of potential candidates and take advantage of all the channels at our fingertips. Here are six important things that a professional, third-party recruiter brings:

Passive candidates

Executive search firms have connections to passive candidates, people who are not active job-seekers; these are usually the strongest candidates. Apart from that, even when they are actively looking for new opportunities many Cambodian seniors will not apply to a job ad so even if they see your post they will not be interested.

Third-party evaluation

We assess candidates objectively, focusing on skills, experience and cultural fit. We do not build a search around internal relationships or other subjective factors so the shortlists we present are selected purely on the client’s requirements.


An in-house team may have great insight into your company, but do they have specialized knowledge and experience in recruiting top-level executives? A third-party recruiter has broad knowledge of your sector and experience assessing candidates across functions and this is often more valuable than an in-depth knowledge of your organisation.


Maintaining confidentiality during an in-house search is very difficult. Our clients regularly open confidential searches with us and our team is used to only revealing partial information, particularly at the early stages of a search.


Our clients save time – in fact, we move at the speed the client requires. When a client is urgent, we can prepare a shortlist faster than an ad can be designed, posted and circulated. When a client wants to reconsider during a search we can keep candidates updated and hold their interest. Our team works as service-professionals, ready to adapt to client needs.

Market insight

We regularly provide compensation benchmarks as a free, value-added service to our clients. We don’t sell data so we are able to give clients frank assessments of how their compensation offering measures against current market rates.

In the end, using a professional, third-party recruiter has massive advantages for your organisation at a very low cost. You outsource risk whilst tapping into a range of channels and a huge network.

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