Interviewing – Part 2

In the first article on interviewing we focused on preparing and starting an interview. In this article we will discuss how to handle the main part of the interview – the body – as well as closing and following up on the interview…[Read More]

The Impact of COVID 19 on the Cambodia Recruitment Market

2020 has been a difficult year for most businesses in the world, even if only because of the lack of predictability that COVID-19 has brought. In many ways Cambodia has not been heavily impacted in terms of lockdowns and closures, although two main sectors of the economy have suffered a great deal, namely the garment/footwear sector and the hospitality/tourism sector…[Read More]

Interviewing – Part 1

This article and the one which follows describe the best ways to prepare and carry out effective interviews
For a lot of the recruitment process everything is very CV-driven but at this stage that changes. Although interviewing seems very different to a CV-based assessment it is essential that recruiters maintain a systematic, criteria-based approach…[Read More]

Shortlisting Candidates – Part 2

This is our second article on the shortlisting process and it deals with how to tackle problems that sometimes occur during the  process. At the end of the candidate shortlisting process you should have been able to cut the long list down to a shortlist of the candidates you want to interview. Of course, sometimes this doesn’t happen…[Read More]

Shortlisting Candidates – Part 1

We are going to describe the best methods for turning long lists into shortlists in 2 articles.  Here we give you information which is suitable for recruiting for senior roles. You can find information in the previous articles on Screening candidates which was more suitable for lower-level roles and mass recruitment…[Read More]

Screening Candidates – Part 2

In our first article on screening we described how to make a long list into a short list. In this second article on screening we describe some techniques you can use when the recruitment process is not going well and we will take you from long list stage to shortlist stage…[Read More]

The Impact of Chinese Investment on Recruitment in Cambodia

For the past 12 years Top Recruitment has been the leading recruitment agency in Cambodia. We are a generalist agency but most of our searches are for professional and managerial roles. With the steady 8% p.a. growth for the past decade we have seen the labour market get increasingly hot in some areas. When a recruiter refers to a hot area of a market they mean an area where certain skills are in high demand so employers do not set salaries, employees do…[Read More]

Screening Candidates – Part 1

This is the first of 2 articles in which we are going to explain the process of selecting candidates. These two articles describe how recruiters and talent acquisition teams turn very long lists of people who are interested in a job into shorter lists of people who might be suitable for that job…[Read More]

How do recruiters find candidates?

The word recruiters use for ‘finding’  is ‘sourcing’.  Now we will explain the many ways that a good recruitment consultant sets out to find candidates for the client.  You will also learn that starting to search for suitable candidates when a job becomes vacant is the hardest and least efficient way of going about this…[Read More]

Job Descriptions and Position Specifications

Here we are going to describe 2 key documents which every Human Resources Department should have, how to use them and why you need them to recruit successfully for any position. When we use the term Job Analysis we are not talking about a major piece of research, we are referring to systematically gathering the job-related information you need to generate two documents: the Job Description (JD) and the Position Specification (PS)…[Read More]