We understand that you are busy and that finding the right fit for your team can be both time consuming and daunting. Sourcing candidates with the right skills is only one piece of the puzzle, and the risk with managing recruiting on your own is that the candidates have not been screened. While a potential employee may look great on paper, will they fit with the culture of the workplace?

Here is where we can help. Our consultants personally screen potential employees to offer you a shortlist of qualified candidates, ensuring you are provided with the most suitable candidates for the position. This streamlines the recruitment process for you.

Why Choose Top Recruitment? Service levels

Top Recruitment takes the guess work out of finding your new team members. Our skilled consultants have already determined each candidate is job ready before recommending them for interview.

Our service is second to none, with honest and open communication, a collaborative approach and confidentiality consistently maintained. We have a proven track record of satisfied clients spanning more than a decade.